Create a complete lodging booking experience with Rapid API

Access our vast global lodging inventory, with features that enable you to build the best shopping, booking and post-booking experience for travellers.

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The latest flexible technology to grow your business


Rapid is a fast, light API product with a modular structure that lets you customise your lodging path from shopping, to booking, to payment. Integrate what you need now, then easily adapt your integration as your business needs change later.


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Inspire travellers to book the perfect stay

Travellers can explore extensive inventory and rich content that drives them to book. All of our inventory is directly sourced, which means competitive prices and a seamless experience for both you and travellers.


properties around the world, across 35+ different categories*


detailed property images and 21M room images, each with clear captions across 40 different languages*


traveller ratings and 57M+ reviews that help travellers book with confidence*


destinations that match what travellers are searching for*

How our API technology keeps you competitive

Rapid API empowers you to build a positive end-to-end
experience that keeps travellers coming back,
driving growth for your business.

Travellers want options. With Rapid API, your travellers will have access to 700k properties around the world, from hotels to house boats. And as a Rapid API partner, you can also leverage our detailed property, room and user-generated content. Together, our inventory and content inspire travellers to book with you.

Unlock access to property rates and deals that travellers can’t find anywhere else. From exclusive distribution rates with global chains to opaque package rates, you’ll get access to commissionable, competitive rates for a variety of traveller and trip types. With Rapid API, you can surface the right rates for your travellers and your business.

Rapid API is lightweight and reliable, handling well over 6 billion calls every day, powering travel for hundreds of companies around the world. Unparalleled API response speed and stability translates to a consistent, positive shopping and booking experience travellers can trust.

As a Rapid API partner, you’ll have direct access to decades of travel and tech expertise through our team of strategic account managers and technical consultants. They help you optimise your integration and capitalise on any growth opportunities—because when you win, we win.

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Developer Hub

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Frequently asked questions

You’ll need to become a partner to integrate with Rapid API. Contact us to learn how to join Expedia Group.


Read the launch requirements for integrating with Rapid API.

Launch requirements help ensure your integration is fully ready to serve your intended users and/or traveller base. See more about our launch requirements here.

Our modular architecture allows you to integrate only what you need in a way that suits your business. The simple API path with URL linking for intuitive integrations, targeted requests and delivering only the necessary data. With our evolving schema framework you can access the latest functionality without needing to upgrade to a new version. Our Developer Hub gives you access to API schemas, extensive developer documentation and reference documentation for a richer experience.

Access to 700,000 accommodations with a wide range of different property types, from flats and hotels to house boats and more, for all customer needs

Our inventory includes 250k destinations, giving travellers choice all around the world.

Yes. Rapid API delivers detailed property- and room-level information, enabling you to filter the available inventory to show what’s most relevant to travellers.

Read help articles and contact our support channel here.

See technical documentation at Developer Hub.

*Expedia Group data, October 2022

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