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The 2023 Traveller Value Index provides a deep dive into today’s traveller behaviour and desires. Both industry professionals and travellers weighed in, exposing key gaps and opportunities to better meet travellers’ needs.

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Traveller Value Index 2023 research methodology

Using our first-party data paired with a study conducted by Wakefield Research, we uncovered challenges, post-pandemic changes and emerging trends within the travel industry. One clear takeaway is that travel remains a priority, and a focus on exceptional experiences will secure a bright future for the industry.

‘Ultimately, we hope these insights are useful to you as you welcome and service travellers—because when the traveller wins, we win together.’

Ariane Gorin

President, Expedia for Business Expedia Group

Ariane Gorin, President, Expedia for Business Expedia Group

Inside the research

Take a look at what we found when we asked industry professionals and travellers what they value most.

Permanent preferences

Traveller preferences changed, influenced by the pandemic and other factors. Find out what shifts are here to stay.

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Temporary trends

Not all pivots are permanent, because some are temporary responses to an extreme situation. Certain changes, such as the drop in business, international travel and heightened cleanliness standards, have already faded away.

Fluctuating factors

Even with the pandemic behind us, some patterns remain hard to predict. We’re keeping a close eye on these continually evolving trends.

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Access the 2023 Traveller Value Index

Access the 2023 Traveller Value Index

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