Hotel drives bookings with rate match automation

Learn how the Daeyoung Hotel Seoul ensures that its room rates are competitive and attracts more travellers using Auto Rate Match.


increase in net room nights for partners who opt in to Auto Rate Match*

3 out of 4

travellers say price is the most important factor when choosing a hotel**

Challenge: Adjusting rates to stay competitive

The Daeyoung Hotel Seoul, located in the popular Jung-gu district, is just a short walk from the Namdaemun Market, the oldest and largest traditional market in Korea.

During peak season, this top-rated 29-room hotel is usually fully booked, but attracting guests in the low season is a challenge.

To ensure that the hotel’s rates were competitive during these lulls, Young Min Jang, the reservation manager, would spend hours managing rates across different booking websites. When he noticed discrepancies on various channels, he would have to manually adjust each rate multiple times, a labour-intensive process for him and his team.


Solution: Let Auto Rate Match do the work

Mr Jang decided to try out the Auto Rate Match feature in Partner Central.

This powerful rate optimisation tool helps you remain competitive because it alerts you when there are rate discrepancies across your listings, whether they’re on our platform or another website. Even better, Auto Rate Match automatically adjusts the listing to ensure that travellers always see the best available rate.


‘Auto Rate Match automatically performs what we had to do manually every day, reducing the number of staff hours needed, which is what we appreciate the most.’ 

Young Min Jang

Reservation Manager, Daeyoung Hotel Seoul

Results: Increased visibility and bookings

Applying rate-matching across travel platforms not only saved Mr Jang’s team time, it also helped build traveller trust and permanently boost the hotel’s visibility in search results—all of which led to increased bookings.


Partners who use Auto Rate Match have seen net room night bookings increase approximately 15% and growth in incremental revenue increase approximately 10%.*

Front entrance of Daeyoung Hotel Seoul

Future: Saving valuable time

At the Daeyoung Hotel, the top goal is providing the best guest experience. By spending less time on ensuring the hotel’s listings are up to date and competitive, Mr Jang’s team can focus more on making guests feel at home.

Auto Rate Match isn’t the only time-saving tool in Partner Central. Mr Jang and his team also use the calendar feature to manage inventory and leverage post-stay reviews and messages to engage with guests.

As the hospitality industry recovers from COVID-19, the Daeyoung Hotel team continues to set ambitious sales targets. Armed with the powerful tools in Partner Central, they’re more confident they can achieve their goals.

Hotel room coffee bar with complimentary items.

*Average results experienced by partners in 2019 who opted in to Auto Rate Match for 30 days compared to properties in their Partner Central competitive set who had not opted in, Expedia Group, 2019.

**Expedia Group, What Travellers Want in 2021.

Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.


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