Maine inn boosts bookings with Members-Only deals

Learn how the owner of several boutique properties in Maine attracted higher-value guests and drove a steady stream of bookings with Members-Only deals.  

168 million+

high-value reward programme members*


Loyalty members drove approximately 3X gross bookings per customer vs non-members.**

Challenge: How to maintain a steady stream of bookings

Stephen Coston has a passion for restoring boutique properties. He owns several inns in Bar Harbor, Maine, that are popular with travellers exploring nearby Acadia National Park.


Since 2015, our platform has helped Stephen promote his properties and feel confident about his growing business.


He appreciates how easy it is to update each property’s information and policies. This frees him up to focus on other initiatives, including setting prices, responding to reviews and helping innkeepers reach sales goals.

When it came to promoting the Inn on Mount Desert, Stephen wanted to cast as wide a net as possible—for several reasons. He was in the middle of a major renovation when the pandemic hit and was low on cash flow due to a string of pandemic-related cancellations.


As if that wasn’t stressful enough, the inn had once belonged to his grandfather. Stephen had worked at the property as a child. Now, he wanted to do everything he could to optimise it for success.

A large body of water in Maine filled with lots of boats

Solution: Attract guests with Members Only Deals

Stephen offered special discounts to loyal travellers across the Expedia Group distribution network, using Members-Only deals. These guests tend to book more frequently and spend more than non-members.** He also found that they tend to be happy travellers who give great reviews—exactly the type of guest he wanted to host.

Thanks to Partner Central’s intuitive interface, the Members-Only deals were easy to set up. Stephen also appreciated that he could stack these deals on top of existing promotions.


‘I use Members-Only deals to make sure I’m giving travellers every reason to choose my property. Offering this little hook to members gives me visibility with lots of high-quality travellers.’

Stephen Coston

Owner, The Inn on Mount Desert and The Primrose

Results: High-value guests and more bookings

With this strategy, Stephen knew he was doing everything he could to attract high-value guests—and get more bookings for the Inn on Mount Desert.

Stephen now plans to expand his portfolio. He knows that our promotions and tools will help him attract guests who are ready to book and appreciate all the amenities and charm his properties have to offer.


*Expedia Group, total loyalty member count, February 2023

**Expedia Group, global bookings on and, 18 months, 2021-2022

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