Our most comprehensive travel rewards programme, ever.

With the ability to earn and redeem rewards across Expedia®,® and Vrbo®, travellers get flexibility—and you get increased demand. All at no additional cost to you.*

One rewards programme, endless partner benefits

One Key members get the freedom to earn and redeem rewards on every eligible part of the trip experience. It’s a reward strategy that benefits travellers and unlocks more for your business.

Learn how One Key helps you reach travellers who book more often, stay longer and spend more.

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More demand

The simplicity of the programme gives travellers the flexibility to earn and redeem rewards through Expedia, and Vrbo. By attracting even more travellers to become members and to book through our well-loved travel brands, we’re creating more demand for you.

More high-value travellers

You’ll always attract those valuable travellers who book more often, spend more, stay longer and cancel less because One Key members must qualify annually—they’re not automatically granted lifetime membership like some other travel rewards programmes.

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More investment in you

Expedia Group funds the cost of OneKeyCash®, the rewards currency that members earn and redeem on eligible trip elements. Unlike other travel rewards programmes, we cover that cost so it doesn’t impact your revenue strategy.

One Key members deliver unmatched value

Our travel rewards programme members are the high-value travellers you want. They travel often, spend more and love booking with our partners again and again.


the gross bookings per customer**


the gross profit per customer**


the repeat business**

Creating demand for you, our partners.

While you don’t have to take any action to benefit from One Key, there are tactics you can use to attract even more members, putting you firmly in charge of your revenue strategy.

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One Key can help your property attract those high-value members who travel more often, stay longer and spend more per booking. Maximise your marketing spend by using our hotel marketing tools to find those ideal travellers looking to book their next trip.

Marketing tools that drive results for your property

Use a combination of discounts, perks and special badging to attract the ideal guests.

Members-Only deals

Ensure high-value members get high-value incentives by tailoring different offers to the different member tiers: Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

VIP Access®

Properties in this exclusive partner programme stand out with a VIP Access badge that tells travellers you provide exceptional service and special benefits for One Key members.

Value-add promotions

Adding something extra like a free breakfast or spa credit is a great way to entice members to book your property without offering a discount.

Holiday homes

One Key is the first major rewards programme for holiday homes—a differentiator that attracts more travellers and drives more demand for you. To stand out, enhance your listing with professional photos, headlines and property descriptions—and ensure your rates and calendar are accurate and competitive.



Optimise your listing

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Transportation and activities

One Key offers a host of benefits for every type of travel and every trip element.


Members earn airline miles and OneKeyCash at the same time, making your own airline rewards programme even more valuable to travellers.

Car hire

Your price points are ideal for members to both earn and redeem OneKeyCash faster—meaning more bookings for you.


Members can earn rewards through your cruise rewards programme and OneKeyCash with the same booking, reinforcing the benefits of your own programme.


Price points for activities help members earn faster and are the ideal trip element for redeeming OneKeyCash, which promotes more bookings of activities and airport transfers.

Are you a transportation or activity partner?

To encourage valuable One Key members to book with you, offer them
special promotions with fenced Members-Only deals. Contact your account
manager to get started.

A travel rewards programme that delivers results

See how our partners tap into the many advantages of One Key.

Frequently asked questions

One Key is the most comprehensive travel rewards programme we’ve ever created. Bringing Expedia, and Vrbo together within a single travel suite, One Key gives members the freedom to be rewarded any way they travel—on eligible flights, hire cars, hotels, holiday homes and more. Learn more about the traveller benefits of the programme on, Expedia and Vrbo.

Previously, Expedia Group had separate travel rewards programmes for Expedia and and no rewards programme for Vrbo. These individual programmes used different reward structures and didn’t provide the ability to earn and use rewards between the two. One Key replaces Expedia Rewards and Rewards and introduces a first-ever rewards programme to Vrbo.


Not only can travellers earn rewards with our three brands—Expedia, and Vrbo—they also can earn across different trip products, too: eligible hotels, holiday homes, hire cars, flights, cruises and more. One Key also introduces OneKeyCash, the new rewards currency travellers can earn as a percentage of purchases, which can then be used to discount eligible future travel when booking on Expedia, and Vrbo.* One Key brings Expedia, and Vrbo under one simple, easy-to-use and flexible travel rewards programme. 

One Key launched in the US in July 2023, with additional markets to follow starting this year. Our other travel rewards programmes will remain in place in any market where One Key has yet to launch.

No, partners are automatically included as part of this change. Hotel, transport and activities partners can use the tactics mentioned on this page to further encourage One Key members to book with them. Any offers you’re using to attract One Key members, such as Members Only Deals, in-stay perks and being a VIP Access property will automatically transfer to One Key and One Key members.

OneKeyCash redemption is only available to properties using USD currency and those not integrated with property management software.

Travellers can learn more about One Key on each travel brand’s website:, Expedia and Vrbo.

*OneKeyCash is not redeemable for cash and can only be used on Expedia, and Vrbo.

**Expedia Group, global bookings on and, 18 months, 2021 – 2022