Top strategies for hotels to attract One Key® members

Learn three ways that your hotel can reach and attract One Key travel rewards members to unlock more opportunity for your business and drive demand.

Brandon Ehrhardt

The hotel industry spends a lot of effort and capital to attract profitable guests and create loyalty to a hotel brand. Some of these guests never become loyal. Could you be better off appealing to the frequent traveller’s profile and optimising your marketing spend? Hoteliers use rewards programmes to attract the most desired guests: those who travel often and seek value and experiences. They enjoy your restaurants and service outlets. They prefer larger room types and luxury holiday rentals, and they know the care that goes into good service, so they treat your property and staff well.


With One Key—our rewards programme that spans Expedia®,® and Vrbo®—you have an opportunity to target and attract the most valuable guests and entice a new type of guest: travellers who have earned OneKeyCash by booking holiday homes or transportation. As these travellers look for their next trip, you want to be well-positioned to attract the most profitable guests in our marketplace.


While you don’t have to take any additional action to benefit from One Key, there are several tactics and hotel marketing tools that our hotel partners can use to attract rewards members to your properties. Read on for three ways you can unlock more opportunity for your business.

1. Create Members-Only deals

You can attract valuable One Key members with Members-Only deals. With One Key, travellers are assigned to four different tiers, depending on their booking activity: Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Annually, as travellers book more trip elements across our brands, they unlock the next tier—and more rewards. This results in a programme that is simple, flexible and more rewarding for you and your guests.


Our partners can use Members-Only deals to offer targeted, fenced price discounts for rewards programme members. And now, Members-Only deals are more flexible than ever before. Instead of offering an overarching deal to all One Key members, you can now offer tailored and fenced deals to high-value members in different tiers who spend and book more. This enables you to create the offer that is right for your target traveller and right for you, allowing you to maximise returns.


Bonus: Unlike some other travel rewards programmes that offer lifetime loyalty status, One Key assesses member eligibility annually, so you’re always targeting our most frequent travellers.


Create a Member-Only deal

Use Members-Only deals to target valuable travel rewards programme members.

2. Join VIP Access® and promote your guest experience

Show off your exceptional guest experience and special perks by joining VIP Access, an exclusive collection of properties that spotlights only the very best properties to travellers shopping on our travel sites. 


Only properties that consistently deliver high-quality guest experiences and value to guests qualify to join the programme. 


Participating properties have better visibility in search results and stand out to travellers with an exclusive VIP Access badge that lets travellers know your property provides exceptional service and special benefits for One Key members. One Key members know to look for VIP Access properties in the search results because they get perks and extra benefits at these properties—including up to 3x more Expedia Group funded OneKeyCash® for higher-tier members.


There are no fees to join VIP Access; however, hotel partners commit to offering Silver, Gold and Platinum members special recognition at check-in, room upgrades when available and exclusive property perks such as free breakfast or spa credits.


Join VIP Access

3. Set up a Value Add promotion to offer perks

If your property is not part of the VIP Access programme, don’t fret—you can still offer special perks to attract One Key members. Value Add promotions allow you to create unique travel offers—such as free parking or food and drink credits—that display within your hotel property’s listing on our travel sites. These promotions help travellers clearly differentiate hotel offerings, so they can select the hotel and promotion that best meets their needs. According to our Traveller Value Index 2023, 33% of travellers said that a complimentary add-on is the most appealing deal when booking travel.*


Value Add promotions make it easy for you to stand out from the competition and provide memorable guest experiences without discounting rates or compromising on your pricing strategy. You have the flexibility and control to customise promotions by length of stay, redemption rules and room type restrictions. Plus, you can set up your promotions to target all One Key rewards programme members or only Silver tier and higher members.


Set up promotions

Through a strategic mix of fenced deals, promotions and exclusive badging, our hotel partners can target and attract high-value One Key members in a way that works best for your revenue strategy. Discover more about One Key and visit Partner Central to implement these strategies and start attracting more travellers to your property.

‘What’s attractive to me is the marketing dollars that Expedia Group is spending to target members. We have very little marketing budget nor the resources for our own loyalty programme, so you’re not just a technology partner—you’re also an extended marketing department.’

William Koo

Chief Revenue Architect, wJw Hospitality Consulting & Marketing Services

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Brandon Ehrhardt, Vice President of Marketing and Host of Powering Travel, Expedia Group

Brandon Ehrhardt

Vice President of Marketing and Host of Powering Travel, Expedia Group


Brandon heads up B2B lodging marketing at Expedia Group and has played an integral role in scaling our partner programmes, leading strategic initiatives and expanding the use of revenue insights to drive partner success. Brandon resides with his wife and child, a young travel enthusiast, in Chicago, IL.


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