How TSD Inc. helped increased sales with Rapid API

This Japanese B2B travel products and services provider increased revenue with an optimised booking site.


increase in week-on-week sales*


improvement on look-to-book ratio*


increase in conversions from the availability detail browsing stage*

Challenge: Out with the old

TSD Inc. is a Japanese B2B third-party travel reseller for travel management companies, retail agents and other partners. After a successful year, TSD Inc. needed a new website to continue growing—one with a user interface (UI) that included more features, and an improved user experience (UX) to keep pace with competitors.


After a year of leveraging Expedia Group’s Rapid API to access Expedia Group’s high-quality lodging supply and competitive rates, TSD Inc.’s website had become outdated and the company needed a new website to continue growing.


As a B2B specialist, TSD Inc. realised that it needed outside expertise in B2C booking technology to engineer the best UX possible, with the right features and optimised design. They also needed to be sure that the new EasyREZ website would generate a healthy return on investment for them through increased traffic and increased conversion rates. This meant optimising both the site and booking technology, including having better Map functions and increased accessibility to Member-Only deals and package rates.

Solution: Expedia Group's Rapid API

Expedia Group provided technical expertise and hands-on development guidance to help TSD Inc. optimise its new booking website and deliver the project on time. Expedia Group’s consultation spanned from high-level design and core features, down to the design details such as button colour. With their traditional B2B business model, TSD Inc. especially leaned on our B2C knowledge during the collaboration. We helped TSD Inc. manage the launch by holding in-depth meetings every two weeks, covering all aspects of the project. Since TSD Inc. was winding down the old tool, it was vital to keep the project on track to avoid any service outage. Our expertise in launching and integrating booking products meant that we could advise on the best way to manage the project to avoid delays. Because our technology is updated regularly, we could meet a tight timescale by moving nice-to-have features to a second phase, making sure that the website launched on time for travellers.


TSD Inc. and Expedia Group have worked together for several years, and the regional head of Expedia Group’s partner services team knew the account personally. He provided specialist advice for the launch based on his detailed knowledge of TSD Inc.’s technical environment.

Result: Improved look-to-book ratio and more

Following the launch of the new booking website, the company saw improvements in several key metrics. The look-to-book ratio improved by 30%, with nearly 35% of visitors now converting into a booking—up from under 25%. The week-on-week sales increased by almost 40% and they saw a 10% increase in conversions from the availability detail browsing stage.

‘Our partnership with Expedia Group has enabled us to become the largest B2B hotel provider in Japan with sales tripling in volume.’

Mr Katsumi Sakurai

Executive Officer/GM/Destination Management, TSD Inc.

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*Expedia Group data, 2018

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