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With Expedia TAAP, it's easier than ever to curate the perfect trip for travelers. Enjoy exclusive access to the Expedia Group's travel supply of over 3 million properties including hotels, vacation rentals, all-inclusive resorts and more.


Find everything from city breaks to island escapes to adventure trails, and all with glowing guest reviews.

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3 reasons to book confidently with Expedia TAAP

  1. Stable supply network, competitive rates, and last-minute availability

    Over 100,000 agents count on us every year to fulfill their bookings and keep travelers traveling. Tap into our supply of 3M+ accommodations in more than 35 different lodging categories, including vacation rentals, to keep travelers booking with you.

  2. Refundable travel at your fingertips

    Nearly 70% of properties on Expedia TAAP offer refundable rate options, so travelers have peace of mind.

  3. A seamless booking experience

    Benefit from our cutting-edge technology and features well-loved by agents worldwide. These include the ability to filter for Premium/Premium Plus properties (those that offer you the most compensation) and access to 75 million+ Expedia-verified traveler ratings and reviews to boost traveler confidence.

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