Make a difference in your local community

Vrbo connects travelers and vacation rental owners to create unique experiences that benefit local communities. Discover some of the resources available to help advocate for vacation rentals in your area.

Highlighting the local benefits of vacation rentals

From generating tax revenue to giving a leg up to small businesses, vacation rentals can benefit their local communities in many ways.

Boosting your local economy

Vacation rentals boost the economy in your area by contributing to sales, hotel, tourist, and occupancy taxes.

Creating jobs

When you hire a cleaning service, landscaper, or maintenance worker for your rental property, you're helping create local jobs with a steady stream of reliable business.

Supporting small businesses

Direct your travelers to your favorite local shops and restaurants; small businesses rely on foot traffic and word of mouth to thrive.

Connect with your community

Learn how to get in touch with other vacation rental owners near you, and work together to create a positive impact on your local community.

A group of people sit on the porch of a home across a large field
A family sitting at an outdoor table having food and drink in the evening

Join your local vacation rental alliance

To learn if there is an active short-term rental alliance in your area, visit the directory hosted by our partners at Rent Responsibly and get involved.


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“Local businesses in our neighborhood are benefitting from the visitors that come into our area. We want to be able to invest our tax dollars into our city.”

Alex Ramirez

Vacation Rental Owner

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Vrbo has a dedicated team of government affairs policy and communications professionals who interface directly with state and local governments to advocate for fair and effective vacation rental regulations. To learn more, reach out to

While we are unable to share proprietary data directly from our platform, we do have access to industry aggregated data. Please reach out to our team for more information.

Due to privacy concerns, we cannot share the contact information of other hosts in your area, but we can help you get connected and organized through other effective means. There may already be a local vacation rental alliance near you. Click here to search the U.S. alliance directory and reach out to us at to learn more.

No. Unfortunately, we are only able to monitor and engage on public government matters. HOAs are governed by their own private bylaws. We encourage you to closely examine your HOA bylaws and consider getting involved in your HOA’s leadership.