The Path to Purchase: Uncovering how travelers plan and book online

From how much content travelers browse to their go-to booking resources, learn how travelers make decisions to help you better engage and convert.

Inside the data

With Luth Research, we conducted custom research across seven countries to better understand traveler preferences and behaviors throughout the online shopping journey.

7 geographic markets*

5713 traveler survey respondents*

70K+ digital data panel of travelers*

Inside the research

Inspiration, research and planning, and booking have long been a part of the traveler’s path to purchase. But the way people plan and book their trips — and the type of content that influences their decisions — has changed. Take a look at how the traveler’s path to purchase has evolved in recent years.


The power of inspiration: It can come from anywhere. Find out where travelers draw inspiration, the opportunities for destination influence, and the role social media and advertising play during this early phase.

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Research and planning

Travelers use a variety of resources as they collect information. Learn more about where they source their information and what they care about when planning.


Where a traveler chooses to book is based on many factors, including loyalty, prior experience, available options, and more. Understand the role and influence of each factor to better engage with travelers at the booking stage.

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The path to purchase varies by industry

Our snapshot reports reveal the distinct ways travelers research and book hotels, vacation rentals, and airlines. Learn how they decide where to stay — and how they choose their flights to get there.


59% of hotel guests book on a mobile website or app.*

Vacation rentals

Vacation rental guests spend 511 minutes consuming travel content before booking a trip.*


80% of air bookers feel it’s important to book with a brand where they’re a loyalty member.*

See country snapshots

You can also take a deep dive into insights across seven key geographic markets. Check out how traveler behavior differs across the globe.

See the travel industry’s take

Learn what these travel publications have to say about the Path to Purchase.

*Expedia Group, The Path to Purchase, 2023