Turkish Airlines grows market share with Members Only Deals

Discover how promotions targeting rewards members have boosted Turkish Airlines' brand recognition — and bookings — to a global audience.


market share gain with Members Only Deals in 6 months*


uplift in ticket booking volume on Member Only Deal routes*


increase in revenue for business class tickets with Member Only Deal rates*

Challenge: Expand global market share

Turkish Airlines' motto is “widen your world,” and for nearly a century, they've helped travelers do just that. Operating in over 300 destinations around the world, the company has deep roots and strong brand affinity in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). In recent years, they have looked to expand their horizons even further by bolstering their global presence in North America (NORAM) and Asia-Pacific (APAC).


The airline's extensive route network, modern fleet, and high-quality service have contributed to its sterling reputation among travelers. As Turkish Airlines set its sights on NORAM and APAC expansion, the brand looked to its partnership with Expedia Group for new avenues of growth.

“We were seeking opportunities to grow our market share and gain incremental passengers — and Members Only Deals were the perfect solution.”

Murat Sahin

Online Product Development Manager, Turkish Airlines

Solution: Stand out with targeted deals and campaigns

To deliver on their ambitious goals, Turkish Airlines launched a one-month trial for U.S. departures with Members Only Deals, leveraging promotional offers for One Key™ members.** The solution was so successful that it has now become an always-on marketing strategy in both the U.S. and EMEA, complementing direct bookings.


The way it works is simple: The Member Only Deal badging increases visibility to make Turkish Airlines stand out in searches on the Expedia Group distribution network. Deals can be targeted to select countries and destinations where the company wants to increase market share. Additionally, Turkish Airlines has enjoyed incremental visibility in the NORAM market thanks to Expedia Group's strong brand recognition in the U.S.


With the ambitious goal of bringing two million passengers from the U.S. to Turkey in 2023, Turkish Airlines also partnered with Expedia Group Media Solutions to create a social media advertising campaign to attract more travelers to their “Stopover in Istanbul” and “Touristanbul” programs. The services offer passengers with long layovers in Istanbul free accommodation at contracted hotels and the opportunity to discover the city with free guided tours, respectively. With Istanbul's unique location as a connection point between Europe and Asia, these programs have allowed Turkish Airlines to make significant progress in its goal of attracting more travelers to Turkey and showcasing the country's unique experiences.

Members Only Deals can be targeted by cabin class and route.
Members Only Deals can be targeted by cabin class and route.

Results: Widening global reach

With these strategies, Turkish Airlines saw its global reach take off. In just six months of implementing the Member Only Deal solution, the company achieved a remarkable 20% increase in market share and saw a surge of 15% in ticket bookings. Notably, business class ticket bookings on Member Only Deal routes rose by over 30%, while economy ticket bookings increased by more than 15%.


The Expedia Group partnership has helped power Turkish Airlines’ success in their mission of giving travelers the opportunity to widen their world — while benefitting from exclusive deals tailored to rewards members.


Turkish Airlines now intends to expand Members Only Deals offers to Asia and to Europe arrivals, creating even more brand awareness in these regions and more opportunities for travelers to explore Istanbul.

“Members Only Deals were attractive to us because of our ambitious goal of double-digit annual growth through 2033. The U.S. is one of our primary focus markets for this expansion.”

Sumeyye Nida Donmez

OTA Account Manager, Turkish Airlines 

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*Expedia Group, Turkish Airlines internal booking data, January-June 2023

**One Key is currently available in the U.S. and additional markets will follow in 2024 

***Expedia Group, total loyalty member count, February 2023

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