How to improve booking performance for your vacation rental

Explore the benefits of Instant Booking and how it can boost visibility
and help drive demand for your vacation rental business.

A seamless booking experience is key to delivering a positive guest experience, boosting your acceptance rate, and keeping guests satisfied. Our Instant Booking tool simplifies the booking experience for both hosts and guests, helping to improve your property’s rank in search results and increase booking volume — all while allowing you to maintain control.


Read on to learn more about Instant Booking and how you can use it to save time, boost your property listing’s search performance, and drive bookings.

What is Instant Booking?

Instant Booking allows guests to book your vacation rental without you needing to review the booking request prior to confirmation, saving time for both you and your guests. Instead of starting the booking process with an inquiry, guests immediately receive a booking confirmation upon making a reservation — and you’ll receive a notice of your new booking.

Instant Booking also helps boost your acceptance rate — or how frequently you accept bookings compared to how often you decline — which is one of the most important factors that influences your property’s visibility in the search results. With Instant Booking enabled, all booking requests are automatically accepted, thereby boosting your acceptance rate and improving your property’s search performance.


This feature also gives you more potential traffic by appearing on your listings across all our travel brands at no extra cost. Travelers can select an Instant Booking filter to narrow their search.


Additionally, with this increase to your search performance and improved visibility, guests are more likely to book your property. On average, partners who use Instant Booking see nearly 35% higher conversation rates and 25% more net revenue than those who don’t.*

Instant Booking supports our commitment to inclusion and diversity, which all property managers, owners, and guests are required to follow. Many guests appreciate that Instant Booking allows them to book a listing without having to reveal their name or country of origin, which could lead to possible discrimination.

How it works

To turn on Instant Booking, use the following steps:

  1. From your dashboard, select Property in the left-hand menu
  2. Select Rules and policies and Booking type
  3. Select Instant Booking and then Save


Set up Instant Booking

Select Instant Booking for any or all of your properties, and also switch back to 24-hour review any time by simply changing your settings.


Even with Instant Booking enabled, you are always in control: before booking, all travelers must agree to the house rules, owner cancellation policy, damage policy, and rental agreement you’ve set.


If a traveler reserves through Instant Booking but doesn’t meet your stated house rules, you can cancel at the time of booking without penalty by requesting a cancellation waiver. That said, it’s important to establish your house rules and make them clear to not only confirm that guests understand what’s allowed, but also ensure you have a positive and seamless experience with Instant Booking. Visit the help center to learn more about house rules.

A product graphic showing how hosts can turn on Instant Booking from their property dashboard.

How to prevent double bookings

For owners who list across multiple platforms, calendar syncing is critical for preventing double bookings. With this tool, you can sync your calendar across multiple platforms such as Google Calendar and Apple Calendar. You can also check your booking window to update how close or far out guests can book their stay and import any blocks on your calendar when your listing will be unavailable to travelers. All of these simple steps pay off: partners who enable Instant Booking and sync calendars see 60% more bookings.*


Review this one-pager to learn how to keep your calendars synced.


Learn how to sync

If you choose not to use Instant Booking, you can opt for a 24-hour review, which gives you more time to consider booking requests but still requires you to respond to travelers within 24 hours. It’s worth noting, however, that hosts who respond to booking inquiries within three hours are 2.5 times more likely to have more inquiries convert into bookings than owners who wait 24 hours or more.**


With Instant Booking, you can deliver faster and immediate responses, as well as an overall better booking experience that benefits both you and your guests. Turn on Instant Booking today to save time for you and your guests, improve your search performance, and increase bookings.

“Our listing performance with Vrbo this year over last year is not even comparable. We’re seeing a significant increase in bookings. And the guests we get from Vrbo are high quality. We know they will look after the property.”

Lucio Cocchietto

Owner, Chilling Lakeside on Lake Macquarie

Read the case study

Frequently asked questions

You’ll see the new booking in your inbox and reservation list. You’ll also receive an email notification and an SMS or push notification in the mobile owner app if you have those enabled, and the booking will appear in your calendar.


Visit the help center to learn more.

Travelers can contact you directly via email with cancellation or booking change requests, allowing you to connect more quickly for a faster resolution.


There's an API available for cancellation requests only (Cancellation Service - REST API) that's a great option for partners with high volumes of requests. Please contact your software provider to learn more about this API and whether you currently have access.

You’ll receive an email notification containing the below traveler booking details:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Additional information such as whether the traveler has ever booked with you before

Turn on Instant Booking

Activate Instant Booking to provide guests with a more seamless booking experience and boost search performance.

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