How 1000 Mile Travel Group boosted revenue with Expedia TAAP

1000 Mile Travel Group uses Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) to access quality travel supply and increase operational efficiency.


revenue growth for three consecutive years.*


new experienced home-based professionals joined within two years*

Challenge: Delivering five-star service

1000 Mile Travel Group, a supplier of travel management solutions, wanted to make, confirm, and amend bookings in the shortest amount of time possible while delivering five-star service. They wanted to provide corporate travelers with services like last-minute availability and flexible cancellation policies and gain access to prepaid rates in order to accurately size reconciliations at the time of booking.

Solution: Optimizing efficiency with Expedia TAAP

With Expedia TAAP, the end-to-end booking platform built specifically for travel agents, 1000 Mile Travel Group gained access to the rates and availability they needed, as well as capabilities that synced with their mission to optimize efficiency and deliver five-star service.


To autogenerate and quickly send traveler vouchers, 1000 Mile uses Itinerary Builder, a feature of the platform. Then to modify existing bookings, they use the self-service Booking Manager, which provides instant booking confirmations. 1000 Mile also uses Expedia TAAP to generate and confirm bookings in under one minute, and send traveler documentation in under 20 seconds.*

"We regularly test other booking platforms but always choose Expedia TAAP. It’s an easy-to-use platform, and we consistently find the best rates and availabilities compared to other travel partners."

Ben Ross

Managing Director and Founder, 1000 Mile Travel Group

Results: Multi-million dollar success

1000 Mile was a new business in 2015. Using Expedia TAAP as their core booking platform, they became a multi-million dollar business. They have tripled their agent base, reached Platinum Status, expanded to new markets in the U.K., and now have plans to establish a presence in the U.S.

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*Expedia Group internal data, 2019

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